Meta-Coaching Volume I, 2nd Edition, 2015
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.
Neuro-Semantic Publications, paperback, $25.


In 2003 Meta-Coaching introduced to the field of Coaching the only generative change model— The Axes of Change Model.  Every other change model in the field of Coaching came from change models in the field of Therapy.  This was the first and only non-therapy model based on how expert coaches actually facilitate change in self-actualizing clients.


In the past decade the Axes of Change Model has grown richer and fuller as more than 3,000 coaches have been trained in this technology.  At the end of 2014, Dr. Hall expanded and updated Volume I of the Meta-Coaching series of books, Coaching Change.  The original 10 chapters expanded to 17 chapters.


This was designed as Volume I in the Meta-Coaching System because a coach is quintessentially a Change Agent— and therefore needs to be an expert in change— what it is, how it works, its mechanisms, levels, kinds, etc.  Learn how to use the Axes of Change for diagnosis, for coaching the mechanisms of motivation, decision, creation, and integration.  Discover how to use it to sell and negotiate.

From the Back Cover

Coaching is all about change and a Coach is a Change Agent.  Given that coaches focus on the process of maximizing a client’s resources in service of one’s outcomes and unleashing the person’s potentials.  This is what makes change at the heart of coaching.  As a transformative process, coaching takes a person to higher levels of performance and success.  In the beginning, the field of Coaching focused on performance.  Today Meta-Coaching takes this to a higher level—to developmental and even transformational coaching.


How does change work?  What are the actual mechanisms of change for a psychologically healthy person?  Therapeutic change has for more than a century identified the principles and mechanisms of remedial change.  But what about the generative change of coaching?  What about the kind of change that people want who are ready to invent changes that takes them to their next level of development?


Coaching Change answers these questions while simultaneously presenting the first and only non-therapy based Change Model in the field of Coaching.  As an unique Coaching Change Model, The Axes of Change, enables you to coach to axes of motivation, decision, creativity, and integration.  Learn about the two loops of change: preparation and implementation.  Discover the eight coaching roles that enable you to facilitate a well-developed change that will last for your clients.


Style and Audience: This is above the general reader level and is especially for Coaches, Meta-Coaches, trainers, consultants, and leaders.