Meta-Coaching Volume II, 2004
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. and Michelle Duval, Master Coach
Neuro-Semantic Publications, paperback, 282 pages, $25.

Description: As the coaching revolution has exploded, it is now recognized as the newest methodology for translating knowledge, principles, and information into actual practical skills to create a measurable difference. Coaching is now proven to be a reliable process for men and women at the top of their fields to take their competence and expertise to the next level of mastery. With this revolution, coaches, managers, supervisors, trainers, and CEOs need some practical tools for this. Coaching Conversations provides that.

If coaching is ultimately a conversation, then Coaching Conversations is a book that offers new and cutting-edge tools from NLP, Cognitive-Behavioral psychology, and Neuro-Semantics about how to create transformation conversations.

Coaching Conversations also gives an insider’s view of the coaching experience. Unlike other books on coaching, the reader is here invited to enter the coaching experience and to over-hear the conversation. If you want an up-close and personal front-row-view of a coaching conversation, then here you will get a peek into a dozen kinds of coaching conversations.

For the curious reader who wants to understand what’s so exciting about coaching, Coaching Conversations provides debriefs and meta-analysis of the process. This is the first coaching book to provide actual transcripts of coaching conversations to invite you into the experience. Conversations also offers descriptions about what’s going on in the process. As it does this, it demystifies the elitism of coaching as both a movement and as a specialized technology, making its powerful methodologies accessible to anyone who wants to use it professionally and personally. Conversations offers a quality exploration into a wide variety of coaching conversations: Outcome, Resource, Matrix, Possibility, Fierce, Narrative, Time-Line, Neuro-Logical Levels, Hero Journey, Metaphorical, etc. This gives the professional coach, the new coach, the manager, leader, or individual a wide variety of choices.

Coaching Conversations goes beyond the change models that have informed therapy for the past 30 and 40 years by presenting a brand new cutting-edge cognitive behavioral change model, The Axes of Change. The coaching conversation is here seen as a dance with various dance steps.

Style and Audience: For the general reader, coaches, Meta-Coaches,  Trainers, leaders.