Modeling Groups, Cultures, and Cultural Phenomena (2001)
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D., spiral, 113 pages, $35

Almost everything that has been modeled in NLP concerns individuals, very little has been modeled about cultures, societies, groups, companies, organizations, and governments. Part of the problem is the lack of a model for doing so. In Cultural Modeling, L. Michael Hall has used the Social Construct of John Searle, the metalevels of Meta-States, the Social Panorma model of Lucas Dirks, the Social Forces Field of Lewin, as well as numerous other models from sociology and anthropology to offer tools and competencies for modeling cultures and cultural phenomena.

Applications of Cultural Modeling are extensive inasmuch as we are social creatures, live within multiple levels of organizational structures, and even carry our cultural frames with the matrix of our mind everywhere we go. Applications relate to social influence, conflict and conflict resolution, team building, leadership, racial harmony, politics, government, corporate culture, and so on.