Insider’s Secrets about Sub-Modalities (2005)
(Previously titled, The Structure of Excellence, 1999)
L. Michael Hall and Bobby Bodenhamer, 2nd ed., 320 pages, $25

Description: We make movies in our minds—that’s how we “think.” Yet we do more, we represent the world as we see, hear, and sense it and put them within various cinematic frames. This endows our mental movies with certain qualities and properties, which, in turn, govern our responses, emotions, and skills.

NLP got it wrong. These cinematic frames are not “sub-modalities,” they are metalevel frames. The reason sub-modalities are powerful in effecting change is that they work symbolically and semantically at a higher logical level to representations. Instead of “going down” you have to go up, make a higher or meta move and then you will discover the true magic in what we used to call “sub-modalities.”

Sub-Modalities Going Meta is an advanced NLP book that uses Neuro-Semantics to continue the adventure of discovering the structure of experience and re-modeling NLP with the revolutionary Meta-States model.

  • Discover the secrets of “sub-modalities and their meta nature.
  • Discover the semantic nature of our cinematic frames.
  • Discover how to powerfully use cinematic frames for transformation.
  • Learn how to effectively use semantically loaded meta-frames (“sub-modalities”).
  • Disconfirm limiting Beliefs and install empowering Beliefs.
  • Set meta-frames for accelerating your learning and understanding.
  • Marvel at the magic of structure in the relationship between cinematic features and meaning.

Style and audience: While the style for this book is readable, it is not for the general reader, but for someone well-versed in NLP.


“A masterful piece … a comprehensive collection of information and patterns about genius using “sub-modalities.” Great concepts and practical  application.”

Dr. John Burton, author of States of Equilibrium

“I recommend this new masterpiece with pleasure. Over the years I found that many of the simple sub-modality interventions did not work. I learned to bypass this difficulty by massively supplementing them with language patterns. Now, for the first time, I understand what direction to aim my language in. Sub-Modalities Going Meta explains how sub-modality interventions actually cause meta-level shifts when they work, and how to use meta-states to make sub-modality interventions work by setting  meta-frames. Any student of NLP who wants to really understand how to successfully structure remedial and generative patterns, as well as how to access and design powerful and compelling states, this book is a must read. You will also simply be amazed. So, open the book and let your journey begin!”

Kenrick E. Cleveland, NLP Trainer