Gregory Bateson’s Foundational Contributions
to NLP and Neuro-Semantics

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. Spiral, 68 pages, $10.

Description: To a great extent, the Meta-States model arose from the groundwork of Gregory Bateson’s classic work Steps to an Ecology of Mind. It was there that L. Michael Hall found Bateson’s meta-connection and his use of cybernetics and “logical types” and levels (Russell and Whitehead) to his detailing of the structure of “mind” and “communication” and “learning.”

During the early 1990s Dr. Hall wrote many articles and papers on Korzybski and Bateson in Anchor Point. Now many of these have been collected into one place, with other articles that were never published about Bateson to create The Bateson Report. These articles offers an inside look at some of the key concepts in Bateson that have become foundational in Meta-States and Neuro-Semantics. The themes of these articles range from such topics as:

Bateson and the NLP Meta-Connection
Bateson and the Mathematizing of States
What are the “Steps to an Ecology of Mind?”
What Actually gets Mapped onto the Map?
When Things get into a Muddle
The Structure of Schizophrenia and the Double-Bind Theory
The Logical Levels of the Mind and the Meta-States Model
Bateson’s Modeling of Culture
Is There any Difference between Logical Levels and Logical Types?
Zigzag Modeling that captures the Dialectic of Form to Process

Style and Audience: This report is not for everyone. It is an advanced work on Bateson and so recommended for trainers, modelers, educators.