The Meta-Programs Board Game
Designed & Developed by L. Michael Hall; Artwork by Mark Hall, $39

Before NLP and Neuro-Semantics, we said,

“People are so confusing! They are mysterious, strange, and unpredictable. So how in the world are we supposed to ‘read’ another person?”

Then we discovered that there is form and structure to experience. Every human experience from selling, being motivated, writing, negotiating, developing new skills, falling loving, procrastinating, depressing, and learning has a structure. As a cognitive-behavioral science about communication, NLP revolutionized this predictability as it identified eye-accessing cues, linguistic patterns, and metaprograms.

Meta-programs—those predictable processes above and beyond our everyday processes that describe predictable patterns that we can actually learn to detect in others. Like the “glass half-full and glass half-empty” distinction, people learn to perceive, sort for, and pay attention to certain classes of information. Some want the  big picture (global) and some want the specific details (specific); some match what you say for what’s the same (match) and others mismatch for differences (mismatch).

We now have over 60 meta-program distinctions that enables us to read people and recognize their information processing style. With that you can then create rapport more effectively, recognize patterns, predict responses, profile those best for a job or task, meet them at their model of the world, work at a meta-level when a person is stuck in one of these patterns, and much more.

But how do you learn 60 sets of critical distinctions? By rote memory? What fun is that? What if you could pick them up and make them part of your own expertise in pattern detection by playing a game? Now you can. If you are ready to learn to detect meta-programs in yourself and others then the entire aim of this board game is to invite you to have lots of fun in learning, detecting, and working with meta-programs.  So are you ready for some fun?

The design is to allow you to recognize and work with meta-programs by detecting them in others and using them in yourself as you play the game. Meta-Detective Game™ is the only Meta-Program Board Game and is based on the book Figuring Out People.

The Game comes with a board, Meta-Program cards, Activities Cards, dice,  etc. and excellent for parties and trainings.