The Focus Power of Millionaires

Wealth Creation Ideas #2

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

How do millionaires think?

How do self-made millionaires think—those that actually create the wealth in their own lifetime?

What do these first-generation millionaires actually do to create their financial independence?

For years I have been studying and modeling the experts in wealth creation, both personally and from the extensive research by those who make it their business to study such people. From both longitudinal studies, focus groups discussions, and questionnaires, tremendous data has been collected about this subject. One of my favorite researchers is Thomas J. Stanley, author of The Millionaire Next Door and The Millionaire Mind.

His research completely validates and confirms what Scrully Blotnick discovered back in the 1960s, and what Robert Kiiyosaki and Suze Orman have more recently been popularizing. In all of this, there is not a lot new, and nothing at all revolutionary, or rocket science. Yet it does goes against many myths about wealth building and the Hollywood version that has permeated the mass media.

One of those myths is the idea of keeping all your options open, diversifying your efforts, and being ready to seize any opportunity that comes your way. If you’re wanting to become financially independent and successful in your field, these things will not only not work, but will positively sabotage your best efforts. Conversely, if you’re committed to your own financial independence so that you stop working for money and let it work for you thereby freeing you up to follow your own dreams and aptitudes, then you will need to do the opposite. It requires that you—

Focus your interests, activities, and energies in a specific area.

Focus your perspective to seeing and seizing opportunities only in that area.

Focus your powers of decision to say no to other opportunities.

In interviewing 733 self-made first generation rich millionaires who had an average of 9.1 million in net work, Stanley Thomas described these people in this way:

“They are ‘nichers,’ and they have little competition. … It’s all about vocation, vocation, vocation. If you select the bedrock foundation of the ideal vocation? What then? You love the products you product. You have affection for your customers and supplies. In addition, you know more about your niche market than anyone else. And your customers don’t’ care if you were a C student in college. To them you are the who is enlightened.” (189, 21)

To a great extent wealth creation is all about focus. Focusing on your innate talents and aptitudes, focusing on developing your talent into skills, then into expertise competence. Focusing on finding a niche market where you can specialize, and focusing on devoting yourself to something you love for a long enough time to become masterful at it.

When you do that, then the “foundation stones of financial success” come easy. What are those? “Integrity (being honest with people), discipline (self-control), social skills (getting along with people), a supportive spouse, and hard work.” (11)

Over the past two decades I have been observing those who have studied NLP to use it as a way of making a living. I’ve been observing people in the USA, the UK, Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South America, etc. Over that time I have seen some who are very successful in business and I have seen many, many more who were not. What is the difference?

One primary difference lies in the power of focus. Those who try to be “all things to all people” and therefore a dabbler in many things and a master of nothing are the ones who struggle financially and have much less business success. It is those who focus their use of NLP into a specific area and specialize in a market where there’s a strongly felt need, these are the ones who create an economic engine for their financial independence.

Focus power—the ability to concentrate dreaming, desiring, creating, and acting on one single thing. That’s the secret. And no surprise. This is the heart pulse of genius itself. That’s why we have applied Meta-States and NLP to “the genius state” of flow. When you’re able to step fully into that state of focus, you are of one mind and intention and then as “energy flows were attention goes as directed by intention” you are all there and have all of your resources available.

When I do the 4-day Living Personal Genius training I always begin by asking how many genius states participants have created and how many do they have “at a moment’s notice,” that they can step in at the snap of a finger and be there fully. Even though this is where the power and genius is, I’m typically surprised at how many know the process, yet how few utilize it to their own personal empowerment.

Would you like to know more about all of this? Great, here are two options:

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Author: L. Michael Hall is a psychologist, entrepreneur, runner, writer, researcher, modeler, and many other things who lives in the Rocky Mountains and travels all over the world. P.O. Box 8, Clifton, CO. 81520 USA