Actualizing Excellence

* What is the quality of training trainers in NLP today?
* How satisfied do you feel regarding the currently quality of NLP trainers?
* If leaders and trainers are the ones who call and train a community in a given field, model or discipline, how pleased are we with NLP leaders and trainers in general?
* What do we need in order to raise the level of skill, competency, and integrity in NLP leaders?
* What problems has the NLP community experienced and suffered over the years due to problems in the training of trainers?
* What is the next level of quality and competency for trainers training?

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

While I didn’t know it at the time, my discovery of the Meta-States Model in September of 1994 launched what I would begin calling Neuro-Semantics the next year. It was in 1995 that my years of study in Science and Sanity, my presentation of the Meta-Model at the General Semantic Conference in New York led to several General Semantics / NLP workshops that year which then initiated my use of the term Neuro-Semantics. That’s where it came from.

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

* What makes a leader a leader?
* What qualifies a person to led and to step up to a position of leadership?
* What distinguishes a person as a leader?
* What enables a person to exercise influence with others?