Training in Wealth Building and Selling Excellence


As Overview

Developed and Presented by
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.
Developer of the Meta-States® Model

The NLP & Meta-States Accelerated Learning Technique
— Learning from the Experts —

An Inside Look at
Modeling Excellence
using NLP & Meta-States

When it comes to quality performance, high level expertise, excellence in specialized fields—there’s no lack of examples and models. Whether by hard work and learning, whether by accident and osmosis, whether fated by genetic predisposition—in today’s world there are marvelous and fantastic examples of excellence, expertise, and genius all around us.

So, How Can I Get Some of this Good Stuff?

Well, perhaps you could put yourself through the very same experiences, schools, hard knocks, accidents, and inherent the same genetic predispositions of those experts.

Nope. Forget that. That holds little hope.

What about finding the structure— the form and shape of that piece of excellence and replicating it in ourselves? What about modeling the expertise and then customizing it for our thinking, emoting, speaking, and behaving?

Great idea!

And that is precisely what modeling excellence using the NLP and Meta-States model is all about.

Sure, it is a lot more complicated than that, but that’s its essence. Regarding Sales and Wealth Building, we have spent the past couple years finding the best and researching the data about what the best think, believe, feel, say, and do and we have packaged the structure of their expertise using the step-by-step modeling processes in NLP and Meta-States. From this has emerged a formula, a process, and a training format by which we can begin to replicate the structure of the magic so that others can reproduce similar feats of excellence.

What does our Training Program Differ from Other Programs?

Great question.

In both Selling Excellence and Wealth Building, we have approached the installation of skills from a modeling perceptive.

For those in Sales, this means that Selling Excellence is not a Pep Rally. It is not entertainment, Ra-ra motivation, high intensity, high drama, or quick easy to remember formulas or any of the other things that we typically associate with “Sales Training.” As you probably already know, that type of approach is great while your there, but usually doesn’t carry over when you are cold calling, hitting the streets, discouraged with cancellations, etc.

Instead, Meta-Selling goes in an entirely different direction.

Selling Excellence looks at the structure of what makes the experts great. What principles and “laws” of relating, communicating, selling, etc. do the Pros know and use that guide their behaviors? What do they believe and value? What mental and emotional states to they operate out of? What empowers them to be so congruent, focused, clear, decisive, charming, etc.?

Because selling is predominately an expression of Applied Psychology—

sales involves not only the psychographics of the buyer, but also of the sales person. And this highlights the ultimate sales job that any and every sales person faces—selling him or herself. An unsold sales person will find sales a tough profession. Conversely, the person sold on themselves, the services and products that they offer will find it a passion that they easily become absorbed and captivated by.

Meta-Selling invites the sales professional to rise above the details of selling to work at a higher level of awareness.

This empowers one to refine, tweak, and program one’s orientations, style, and skills from a higher level. It empowers one to develop and install the kinds of frames of reference that bring out one’s best. And learning to work at a meta-level also results in higher level skills in facilitating a buyer through the buying process.

The Scoop on Wealth Building

From the time when Napolean Hill began modeling the wealth building of Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie, we have known that one of the secrets of wealth building has involved thinking in rich and wealthy ways, that is, of developing a mindset and orientation toward wealth.

But in recent decades, research in this area has revealed many more secrets and some very surprising, paradoxical, and unpredictable. One of the myths that the co-authors and co-researchers of The Millionaire Next Door revealed concerns what the typical self-made millionaire looks and acts like. Typically, he or she will drive a three-year old car and not a new one, will shop at Sears, and will not display the signs and symbols of wealth. Those who do that all to often only spend their way to debt and stress.

Wealth building also involves some very special states of mind-and-emotion, states that result from the principles and laws of wealth, finance, saving, etc. That’s why making the meta-move to a higher level enables us to model the very structure that makes wealth building possible, reachable, and practical.

Meta-Wealth therefore focuses on understanding and transforming the principles into neuro-linguistic states, on changing mind, reforming beliefs, aligning values, and developing a passionate plan.