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If you’re clicking through these web pages and asking yourself that, then here’s our recommendations:

1) MovieMind — NLP without the Jargon.
This book will introduce you to the wild and wonderful and magical fields of NLP and Neuro-Semantics.  If you want a book without the jargon of NLP, this is it.  Discover that “thinking” is ultimately the creation of sensory representations that make up the movies that we play in the cinema of our mind.  Discover also how that by directing those movies you can access the very best and most resourceful states.

2) Secrets of Personal Mastery — Discover your higher level states.
Next is this easy to read book on using Meta-States to handle not only the movies of your mind but all of the frames that you have “in the back of your mind” about your movies. This takes NLP to the next level and to a higher level as it presents the basic patterns that we use in the “Accessing Personal Genius” trainings (APG).

3) Winning the Inner Game —    For Persuasion Elegance with yourself and others.
This book translates the Meta-States Model into everyday language—into the language of frames (as in “frame of reference,” frame of mind, the frameworks of your personality) and games.  When you think of all of our actions and interactions as “games”—the games you play at work, home, with your health, in exercise, in eating, in creating wealth, etc. then its obvious that somewhere in your mind there are Rules for those Games—your frames.  Change those frames, and the game changes.  Invent new frames and new games are possible.