Alan Fayter


Optimum Mind ltd.


Phone: +64 021 260 5486

Skype: alan.fayter

Alan is an ISNS Master Trainer specialising in the Neuro-Semantic Self-Actualisation

Trainings. He conducts training from short courses through to career development trainings

which he certifies at an international level.

Alan believes that if you’re going to do something, then be the best! It’s Alan’s pursuit of

excellence and sharing what he has learnt that led him to study of excellence and Human

Potential itself – Neuro-Semantics, Self-Actualisation Psychology, NLP, & MetaCoaching.

Though also a ‘Fellow Member Trainer’ and certified ‘Coach IANLP’ with the International

Association of NLP; Alan considers his premium training as coming from the direct tutelage

of Dr L. Michael Hall PhD, the developer of Neuro-Semantics. Alan shares Michael’s passion

for Self-Actualisation psychology. As a Trainer with the ISNS he graduated the top of his

class in 2007 and became a Master Trainer in 2014. He trains internationally and speaks at

conferences and worldwide.

In 2015 Alan published his first book; ‘How To Chill Out’, a book on stress management and

communication based on coaching and training he developed after the devastating

earthquakes that hit his home town of Christchurch New Zealand throughout 2010-2011.

Alan is available to conduct training worldwide.