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Self-Actualization Assessment Scale

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To fill out the Self-Actualization Assessment Scale — use your mouse and move the cursor.  It is recommended that you start at the bottom of the page, so scroll down to the bottom.  You will first indicate your answer to your Survival Needs, then the Safety, then Social, then Self, and finally the higher needs— your Self-Actualization Needs.

On each continuum indicating a need: first move the \ — this is a check mark for where you would put yourself on each continuum.  This is your default position, or your bias.

Then bracket in the range of where you operate on that continuum using the lower end [ and the upper end ] brackets.  This speaks about the range of where you operate.  For example you are at -4 in the red zone and +6 in the green zone for sleeping.

Finally quantity and quality. For this we have two letters— q and v.  Take V first, this stands for Volume or Quantity of the item, for example 8 hours of sleep whereas Q stands for the Quality— What are you experiencing as the quality of your sleep in the past week or month?

When you are finished, scroll to the bottom, click on “submit” and you will receive a Self-Actualization Assessment Scale of your results.