Germaine Rediger

Rood Kruisstraat 48, 1500 Halle, Belgium
Phone: 00 32 2 305.35.45.
IPhone: +32 474 719469


Germaine Rediger is the Owner of InDialogue and Regional Director of the Meta-Coach® Federation in Belgium. She is a self-made woman who became an NS Accredited Coach, NS Certified Trainer, Facilitator and Speaker. She likes “otherness” because she believes that we can build upon. She has the capacity to persuade, even to charm because she knows that if anything is to come from a new idea those are some of the ingredients. She has learned to “never say never” and likes to find out what else she can do. From each of her careers she has drawn something unique; her life was like a planned learning experience, a progression towards independence. Being prepared through all her experiences Germaine is an excellent and unique Coach and her former careers gave her the necessary background for Executive and Leadership Coaching and Training.

Today the most important qualifications for Germaine are her certifications as a Meta-NLP – Neuro-Semantics Trainer and Neuro-Semantics Meta-Coach. She has left behind her the old organizational life – comfortable and predictable. New Leaders is where she is focusing now. Establishing direction, aligning people, motivating and inspiring are key ingredients in her Neuro-Semantics Leadership Trainings. InDialogue provides the complete range of Neuro-Semantics™ and NLP Trainings. Trainings full of learning possibilities, energy, simplicity, focus and inner sense.

Germaine also provides the Meta-Coach Trainings System™ Track ACMC Coach Training. She can train you from your very first steps through Coaching Essentials or where you personally are today, through to an internationally recognised Meta-Coaching Certification and member of the International Meta-Coaching Federation. (MCF) Her trainings are for 21st century leaders who are able to build up trust, encourage change and measure what matters.

InDialogue – Training & Coaching (IDTC) started its public trainings and Corporate Trainings in 2001 (Ceins). The vision and mission of InDialogue is to provide material for the new millennium. Values, Relationship, Networking, Empowerment, Leadership and Humanity are the building blocks used by InDialogue to interact with others. InDialogue makes a difference and adds value to people and business.