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Fiona Wang
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Wellness Coach
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Hi, My name is Fiona Wang, I'm a Meta Coach specialized in Wellness Coaching. My market is Health & Wellbeing Concerned People. My Coaching style is Enthusiastically Relax and Caring. As a Wellness Coach, I help my clients to facilitate a process of self-directed lifestyle behavioral change that can lead to greater life satisfaction, better performance, less disease and a more fulfilling life. These lifestyle changes, among others, are more likely to be obtained when working with a health and wellness coach who can help create an integrated wellness plan that will teach clients how to be accountable for their actions and to follow through and accomplish the changes they wish to see. Wellness coaching could be a good fit if you are considering changes to optimize your personal health and wellness, or looking to positively shift certain aspects of your life. Wellness coaching could also be a good fit if you are simply feeling stuck and would like to work through barriers to achievement and wellbeing.