Persuasion Engineering Simplified




Unraveling the Magic

  1. Michael Hall, 60 pages.

Have you read Persuasion Engineering?  Did you come away from it thinking,  “What the hell was that all about?”  If so, then get this small book and discover the hidden structure in Bandler’s presentation about persuasion.  Many who have purchased and read this little book have come to a fuller understanding of Bandler’s persuasion strategy.  There’s really no question, Persuasion Engineering is a trance-like book.  It is a trance—a trance of stories and loops and bits of suggestions.  It is fun.  Entertaining.  Confusing.  Bewildering.  But it is not enlightening.  For that you need Persuasion Engineering Simplified.

 Simplified is like a Barnes Notes on Persuasion Engineering.  Yet it is more.  It is also an analysis of what Richard Bandler was attempting to do in his work with Persuasion Engineering.  It presents the structure of what Bandler did in the persuasion model.  Because Richard Bandler believes in “unconscious installation,” you can’t count on him to provide a step-by-step understanding of the strategy for becoming a persuasion engineer.  If you want that, ask for this succinct descriptive analysis and let L. Michael Hall interpret Richard Bandler.