Propulsion Systems




The Art of Accelerating Your Motivation (2002)

  1. Michael Hall, Ph.D., spiral, 130 pages, $25

Description:   There are two sides of motivation: toward what you want and away from what you do not want.  Put both of these forces together and you synthesis the driving and the pulling forces.  This is what we call a propulsion system in human personality.  If you want to know the how-to of creating a propulsion system in your own mind-body-emotion system or how to coach it for another—this is the book.

This spiral-bound book has contains descriptions and patterns of eight basic propulsion systems of NLP and Neuro-Semantics.  That is, those push—pull systems of attractions and aversions, of toward and away-from energies and how to set up such a system.  If you rely only on the positive toward motivation or only on the negative away-from motivation, your motivation will be inadequate.  A propulsion system offers a more synergistic approach.

The Propulsion Systems: Pain and pleasure, Meta-Levels of Propulsions, the Godiva Chocolate Pattern, Human Addictions, Fetishes, Cleaning House, Boldly Going for it, Yes / No Powers, Pleasuring and De-Pleasuring, the Linguistics of Propulsions, Trouble-shooting, and much more.