Sourcebook of Magic: Volume II



“Magic” in . NLP does not refer to actual magic or even magic tricks of a magician, this term is used to refer to the seeming magical effect of a true expert in a field. What seems like magic is simply more advanced technology—techniques, processes, and patterns that a practitioner can use to facilitate a desire experience or competency. With the advanced human “technology” in NLP and Neuro-Semantics for facilitating generative change and the unleashing of potentials we can facilitate self-actualizing people, families, and companies.

This book—The Source Book of Magic, Volume II— offers nearly 140 patterns and follows up on Volume I (1977) which presented the 77 most basic NLP patterns. The patterns here are based on the Meta-States Model that introduced innto the Neuro-Linguistic Programming model a model for dealing with the special kind of consciousness that we humans have—self-reflexive consciousness. The bottom line: here are processes that enable you to build richer and more complex states and experiences to support your self-actualization.