Unleashing Authenticity

Meta-Coaching Volume XIV, 2016
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.
Neuro-Semantic Publications, paperback, $25.


Real is not how you are born, real is what you become which is the ultimate human adventure. When we are not real, we hide behind a persona, we manage our public image, and down-deep we may not really know who we are or what we are about. The danger of not becoming real or authentic leads to suffering human diminution. Then we do not become our best self and then sadly, we may die with our music in us.


Conversely, when you get real, you experience your Self alive to life and to your potentials. You are growing and developing with a sense of vitality and purpose. You are then able to come out from behind yourself and into the adventure of life, you are more yourself, more present, and more engaged in expressing your highest values and visions. Life becomes joyous. When you are real, you are able to tap into your core human powers and the clamoring potentials within you –you make actual the possibilities and live more fully. You become fully human/ fully alive.