How to Reduce Stress at Work, at Home and In Your Daily Life (1999)
Debra Lederer & L. Michael Hall, Crown House Pub. 110 pages, $18

Description: This small book is extremely practical due to its one primary focus to develop the skills for accessing the resourceful state of relaxation and to use it to build up a core relaxed state that you can have at ready access. The sub-title says it all: State-of-the-art fun and easy exercises for developing the advanced ability of flying into a calm.

Instant Relaxation represents an integration of the relaxation skills and processes (breathing, stretching) from Yoga along with some of the state management processes and patterns of NLP. The book is built around one single and simple idea: Preparing to Positively Alter Your Life from the debilitating effects of stress. To achieve that the book coaches you for a 7-Day Stress Reduction Program using simple and effective tools.

The book, in fact, is structured as a seven-day program. Day by day you are coached to the breath of relaxation, the posture, the eyes, the ears, the internal imagery, the triggers, and the language of relaxation.

Debra Lederer, an NLP Master Practitioner, brings to this book many  experience of experience in studying yoga and as a Yoga trainer and coach, having worked in New York City and Florida as a Yoga teachers. L. Michael Hall assisted in this work by locating the processes within the context of NLP’s state management patterns.

Style and Audience: This is a very easy-to-read book for the general reader. No NLP background is required.

Meta-States helps a person to bring it all together. There’s a difference between knowing what to do to make your life un-stoppable and knowing how to do it. Meta-States gives you the skills to implement a strategy for becoming unstoppable and helps you take steps immediately to get you moving.”

Larry Dawalt, Sports Writer