The Process, Meaning, and Criteria for Mastering NLP
(1996/ 2000)

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D., Crown House Books, 297 pages, $25

“A brilliant and outstanding contribution of new ideas in the domain of NLP—mastering its spirit (attitude) and methodology.”

  • What is the very heart and spirit of NLP?
  • What attitude created NLP in the first place?
  • What kind of spirit does a person need to really work with NLP effectively and masterfully?

Description: The Spirit of NLP was written from the actual notes which L. Michael Hall took in Richard Bandler’s Master Practitioner training in 1989. Accordingly, this book represents a historically significant contribution to the field of NLP as it describes the trance-induction of a propulsion system that Richard Bandler thought important at that time. The book presents “the spirit” or attitude that enabled Bandler and John Grinder in creating NLP in the first place. This historically significant book takes the reader back to a time when NLP was still fresh and captures much of the spirit of Bandler as the genius behind the NLP model.

Discover many of the facets of Neuro-Linguistic Programming:

  • What makes for mastery in NLP?
  • How does one become a master of the skills?
  • How does one develop the “Go for It!” passionate attitude that makes NLP work and that generates new patterns?

In The Spirit of NLP you will find persentations from the Master Practitioner training and chapters on a wide-range of topics from Trance, the Meta-Model, “Sleight of Mouth” patterns, Reading “sub-modalities” on the outside, Meta-Programs, and much more.

Style and Audience: This book is obviously for an NLP Practitioner or a reader who is very well informed about the field of NLP. The book  presupposes a lot of knowledge of NLP.