Thinking Metaphorically

Thinking Metaphorically

You think in metaphors!  It’s one of the most basic ways we think.  Yet we hardly notice the multitude of metaphors in our thinking and languaging.  This can be to our detriment.  Metaphors can do a trip on you if you’re not careful.  You can be tricked by metaphors into biased and fallacious thinking.  You can be trapped by metaphors that leave you feeling stuck and doomed.  You can be toxified by metaphorical frames.


The solution?  Develop quality metaphor skills and become the master of your metaphors— a skilled metaphorian.  Become mindful of the metaphors in your life and those you live.  Tap into the power of managing metaphors —and make them your servants rather than your master. Use them for the magic of healing, renewal, rejuvenation, creativity, humor, and inspiration.


The secrets of effective metaphor management lie in learning metaphorical skills—detecting metaphors, running with them, de-metaphoring, creating new empowering metaphors, playing with metaphors, etc. You will be more elegant in your communications and more effective in framing and reframing. Metaphors not innocent, but do things to us by working covertly.


Thinking Metaphorically takes you on a journey into the wild and wooly world of metaphors and into profound areas of linguistics, philosophy, meaning, psychology, and communication.  As you feast on delicious metaphors, you may not become a Sherlock Holmes of metaphor detection, exploration, analysis, creation, play, reversal, negating, designing, or delivering, but you will be invited into the banquet of metaphors that will make your life richer, fuller, and delightful.


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