(the previous title— Frame Games)
L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.   NSP Paperback, 2007, 230 pages, $25

If there is only one book to read in the field of Neuro-Semantics— read Winning the Inner Game!

Six years after the Meta-States revolution began, Frame Games appeared as a user friendly version of Meta-States.  Frame Games simplifies many of the complexities in the cognitive behavioral sciences as it addresses the structure of meaning that form the games we play.  Yet it goes further.  It describes the games that we get to play when we know how to control the higher levels of our mind.

Eric Berne started a revolution in the fields of psychology and self-development with Games People Play (1964). Yet his psychoanalytic games were all negative and destructive.  Not so with Frame Games. You now get to play games that make life more fun and productive.  In Frame Games a game refers to all of the behaviors, actions, roles, rituals, even feelings that you engage in.  Every mood, attitude, behavior, skill, role, ritual, etc. that you experience is a “game.”

Because your games are determined by your mental and emotional frames, there is rhyme and reason to your games.  Every game comes from and expresses some higher frame of reference and frame of meaning in your head. Frames are your ideas, thoughts, beliefs, understandings, decisions, values, models, paradigms, definitions, learnings, etc.  All of us always play from some frame of mind.

All of life is a game—played inside of frames within frames of frames. The games that your frames initiate direct your mind-body states (i.e., your very thinking, emoting, behaving, relating, etc.). This makes your Frame Games critically important. Your frame games govern and determine the very quality of your everyday experiences and life. Your frame games exercise an influence over you about the meaning of life and the way to play out that meaning in all of your every actions. As you discover the Frame Game secrets, you will become a frame game master and turbo-charge your persuasion skills.

With Frame Games you can now describe the games you play, the games you in every arena of life: health, wealth, business, personal, etc. Frame Games explains why you act the way you do, your thinking patterns, emotional habits, and the actions and interactions that make or break you. Frame Games goes beyond the old Transactional Analysis games to provide a user-friendly version of NLP and Neuro-Semantics.

  • Access the right kind of mental frames that will put you in charge of your own states and emotions, that will increase your effectiveness, productivity, health, personal genius, etc.
  • Discover that all of life is truly a game played within frames and frames-of frames and learn how to detect, alter, and transform the Matrix of your mental frames and enter into an entirely new world of experience.
  • Discover that the way to personal mastery is through the higher levels of mind.
  • Develop skill in recognizing the games. Practice Frame Game Analysis, power up to refuse old games and play the intentionality game that allows you to take an intentional stance in life.

The New 2006 Edition ——> Winning the Inner Game

When you discover how the inner game operates and how to successfully play it, you’ll have the outer game of peak performance in the palm of your hand. Fail to do that and you’ll keep buying more self-development books trying to understand the Game of Life and how to succeed in all of its dimensions, yet missing the leverage point.

Winning the Inner Game opens up a whole new dimension of life.

It opens up all of multiple layers of frames that make up your belief systems and reveal the Matrix. And, it is in the construct of the Matrix that you create the inner game, its rules, and governing frames of life. Experiencing these dimensions of mind and emotion, time and space, meaning and performance will enable you to master your Matrix.

Winning the Inner Game is like taking the Red Pill, escaping your current Matrix, and then re-entering the Matrix of your frames to change it from the inside.

Because our inner and the outer games are our construct of frames, to win at these frame games you only need to discover the games, develop framing skills, learn to change them, and alter the rules. Then you’ll win at the games that you want to play. Winning the Inner Game will forever change the way you look yourself, others, work, the world, and your future.

“The field of Neuro-Semantics has focused on making NLP conscious; it puts the theory and theoretical foundations ‘on the table.’ I love how Meta-States goes right for a person’s highest frames—those that govern motivation and life.”

Joe Peoples
Business Consultant/ Coach