Accelerating NLP Using Meta-States

Post to Neuro-Semantics E-group
Dated: April, 2001
Why we Believe in Accelerating
NLP Training…

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

If you know about NLP, then you know that because Neuro-Linguistic Programming is about “running your own brain” it leads to empowering people to take charge of their own neuro-linguistic responses. NLP is also about modeling expertise. From the beginning NLP has introduced a great many models, patterns, and insights about how to Accelerate Learning and Transformation. Today, skilled NLP Practitioners can typically deal with specific phobic responses in just a matter of minutes. That’s the kind of “magic” that the model offers.

What we have discovered in Meta-States is that this kind of magic almost always occurs at meta-levels. The patterns and techniques may not reveal that. There may be nothing in the description to cue you into that. And they may sneak in the meta-levels via metaphors, beliefs, decisions, etc., yet the magic occurs because we have changed the higher level Frame of Reference and it is at the structural meta-levels that the pervasive systemic changes occur. Then the neuro-linguistic or neuro-semantic System¾ as a system¾ can self-organize to “make real” (real-ize) the higher level or meta-frame attractor.

For us this explains why the art of being able to use the Levels of Mind model (Levels of Abstraction, Levels of Learning, Meta-States) empowers the Practitioner to know when to jump logical levels, how to make the meta-jump and what to outframe with. When we do this with a basic NLP pattern like the “Phobia Cure” pattern, this means that we are essentially layering level of thought and emotion upon level of thought and emotion, frame upon frame, state embedded inside of state to create a Neuro-Semantic System. When we do this, we do not rely just upon one pattern or technique¾ we layer techniques and patterns so that the transformation becomes inevitable.

[See the article “Curing Phobias Using Meta-States” to get a sense of all the Frame Levels used in that pattern.]

That this represents a hypnotic process highlights the Trance-like nature of meta-stating. To some extent this changes the predominant metaphor about trance in NLP, although using the Meta-Model, we have always spoken about going up the linguistic levels to the higher abstractions (nominalizations, presuppositions, cause-effect statements, etc.) as the most impact hypnotic language.

[See “The Hypnotic Nature and Language of Meta-States” on the website for a fuller description about this.]

What does all this mean?

It means that as we increasingly develop our models for working with the structure of experiences, we can increasingly accelerate our learnings and skills. Dr. Bob Bodenhamer began discovering this when he began to slowly integrate Meta-States into his regular NLP trainings. He began to find that participants were picking things up quicker… more thoroughly… and with more skill. It took a while for what this meant to really sink in¾ but when it did we transformed Basic NLP Practitioner Training and packaged it as Meta-NLP™.

Meta-NLP™ means that we have embedded our training of the basic NLP Model inside the higher frame of Meta-States and do it right from the beginning. And I can tell you that this has infuriated people around the globe. I have received many angry emails from people who say that I cannot teach the NLP model in 7 days.

They write, “It can’t be done.”

(Which always seems like a strange paradox to come from a NLP Practitioner or Trainer¾ after all we are the ones who hear that from the traditional psychological community, “You can’t cure a phobia in one session.”)

My response to this? I’d like to share it, especially since Bob and I will be doing the 7 Day Meta-NLP Practitioner Trainer in Australia in May and in Florida in July, 2001.

1) There are more Learning Styles than Experiential. Even without Meta-States, many people learn NLP by reading, viewing videos, hearing audio-tapes and have a great strategy for sucking knowledge from books. Certainly, those who need the experience of the live seminar will probably not derive as much from this kind of preparation. But that’s nothing that a little NLP Strategy elicitation and installation can’t fix.

The actual Workshop Training is as much for the experiential part¾ the part where we practice with and on each other in small groups and refine our skills. And yet, we are not dependent upon the workshop training for that. We can practice with our friends and family. You can practice in your “private practice.” That’s what I did for years as a psychologist. I’d practice calibrating to eye accessing cues with my clients, then noticing predicates, then noticing Meta-Programs. Yes NLP inherently involves hands-on practice¾ the experiential hands-on experiences in the small practice groups … and this can be achieve through Study Groups, Practice Groups, etc.

In fact, after NLP Practitioner Training, it will still take 1 to 3 or 4 years until a person will develop unconscious competency. No 7-Day or 21 Day training or even 45 Day training (as they have in some places in Europe) will achieve that. Competency takes time and practice. The Trainings are designed primarily to introduce things … and install a Vision of the Magic along with the right hand of Attitudes (Meta-States) that will keep on at it.

[See the article “Which ‘Unconscious Mind’ Do You¾ Trust or Train” for further discussion about ‘unconscious’ learning.]

2) Meta-State Acceleration. With Meta-States, we accelerate the already accelerated nature of NLP by Accessing Personal Genius. There’s a reason behind this madness. We figure that if you are learning from a Genius State of focus, intentionality, self-esteem, appreciation, calm mindfulness, empowered in your Power Zone, etc.¾ you will learn it from an exacted state of mind. That’s part of the unconscious installation we do in Neuro-Semantics… so while our focus is on Conscious Learning … you can bet that we’re installing “playful genius focus state” (and texturing it in many ways) all the while.

Recognizing the nature and process of layering level upon level, we have designed the Meta-NLP training so that repetition of previous material is kept to a minimum and so that each piece and section builds upon the previous ones.

The kind of Accelerated NLP Training that we have decided to do is not Correspondence Course NLP. It is not just giving 7 Days of NLP. It is rather asking for lots of pre-Seminar Preparation. We make reading and studying The User’s Manual of the Brain and The Sourcebook of Magic. We ask people to read as many other NLP books as they can before the training. We expect that every participant will fully know all of the language and terms of NLP, and we encourage audio and video-tapes. We also have a questionnaire about NLP knowledge and understanding to test this.

The 7 Accelerated Days we fully introduces the NLP Model of human functioning and communicating, the pieces of neurology and linguistics that go into the structure of subjectivity, and the three meta-domains of NLP: Meta-Model (language), Meta-Programs (filters), and Meta-States (states and levels). At the end, we do give Certification … certification to now use the model, practice with it, use it and have lots of fun growing and learning. In fact, that’s when the learning and discovery really begins!

May You have a Meta-Awesome Day