Neuro-Semantic Announcements

The International Neuro-Semantic Conference — 2013  — June 21-23

This “Coaching Conference” is designed to provide lots and lots of top-level and cutting-edge models, patterns, and practices for those in the field of Coaching.

Recently I’ve talked to lots of people who are planning to come because they are interested in Neuro-Semantics and they want to experience a “home coming” with the top leaders in the field of Neuro-Semantics.

The Seeking the Peak Trainings

There are numerous Neuro-Semantic Trainers who are training one or more of the Self-Actualization Workshops —

  • Unleashing Vitality
  • Unleashing Potentials
  • Unleashing Creativity (and Innovation)
  • Unleashing Leadership

Recently the sponsors in South Africa have put up a new website devoted to this — click at

The next trainings that I will be involved in for the entire series in 9 days is:

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.