Hypnotic Conversations for Unleashing Potentials


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Given the nature of mind and language, you already talk and relate hypnotically. You may be aware of this or you may not be aware. Even if you are aware, you may not know how or when you so think and speak. Yet as you send messages and ideas to yourself and others—most of it is hypnotic in nature. This is not mysterious as it occurs whenever you go inside and entertain ideas in your mind by which you reason, think, interpret, explain, believe, decide, etc. Hypnotic thinking and speaking is built into the very nature of communicating and relating. Yet most do not know how to do so effectively, skillfully, and elegantly. But now you can!

While most people think and speak hypnotically, they are not aware of what trances they induce themselves (and others) into to their own detriment. Every day people create personal limitations, induce psycho-somatic states of illness and disease, fill their internal world with misery and pain— and all because they do not know how to use this innate power effectively for health, love, success, and well-being. Yet now you can discover that!

Hypnotic Conversations (2020) offers you a way to think about conversational hypnosis as you identify your own trance states, de-hypnotize yourself from trances that undermine your well-being, and create great trance states that will empower you to be much more effective personally and in your career. The transformative conversations here will enable you to create a solid inner sense of self and enrich you in all of your relationships. You will learn how to communicate in multi-levels simultaneously and how to use both your conscious and unconscious minds in tandem.