Inside-Out Persuasion



  • Do your friends say that you are a highly persuasive person? How persuasive are you? How much better would your life be if you were more persuasive?
  • How persuasive are you in influencing your own thinking, feeling, deciding, and acting so you can do what you want to do?
  • How much more persuasive would you like to become in communicating your ideas, causes, products, and services?

The art of persuasion suffers from the negative connotations of manipulation and trickery. Yet persuasion is what we all do everyday. Whenever you share your ideas, dreams, hopes, visions, values, or plans, you seek to influence minds and hearts. The question is: Are you effective, elegant, charming, and authentic in your persuasion?

Inside-Out Persuasion integrates persuasion with personal responsibility to make it ethical, human, and authentic. Inside-Out Persuasion de-mystifies persuasion as it details the actual processes of persuasion. The design is so that you can become personally persuasive.

Inside-Out Persuasion situates persuasion, not as a tool for getting your way with people, but how to more effectively relate and communicate, with grace and elegance. Inside-Out Persuasion positions persuasion as not about manipulating and controlling, but presenting your best ideas ini compelling yet respectful ways.