The War that Putin Started

From: L. Michael Hall
2022 Neurons #11
March 21, 2022
My Perspective on
the War Putin Started


Whenever I wrote about political matters, I always write from a humanistic point of view. That is, from the Psychology of the Bright Side of Human Nature—Self-Actualization Psychology. That’s because that is the psychology that gave birth to NLP and to Neuro-Semantics.

The sovereign nation of Ukraine has been attacked by the Russian leader who I can only describe as delusional and a sociopath (Putin). Yet after 19 days of his War against Ukraine, the people of Ukraine are still not asking for anyone else to fight for them—they are perfectly willing to stand their ground and do their own fighting. All they are asking for is for Nato and the West (the US) to provide the tools they need so they have a better chance to defend themselves. But we are not giving them what they need.

If anyone has earned the right to ask for help, it is the Ukrainians. While thousands of civilians have already been killed, the world seems to be stuck in a purely reactive mode. We help the refugees and are hardly helping at all in supplying the soldiers and non-soldiers to defend themselves. Meg jets have been offered by Poland, but Biden put a stop to that. Why? From what he has said, it seems clear that it is his paranoid fearfulness and timidity.

What’s wrong with Biden? My guess: his political calculations regarding his own party and power. That’s what’s on his mind. What is not on his mind are the people who are being killed. Let Putin utter a threat and Biden shakes in his boots fearful of what Putin would do— seemingly blind to what Putin is doing right now in the ongoing killing. Is this history repeating itself? World War II began when leaders, afraid of offending Hitler because “what might he do,” thereby allowed him to invade several countries.

Why won’t we come to the aid of a freely elected democratic nation? The answer we are giving is pretty bureaucratic: Ukraine is not technically part of the alliance. Let a dictator invade with 200,000 soldiers, bomb the hell out of cities, kill thousands of women and children, etc. and still we do very little to intervene. We still are not giving the Ukrainians the weapons they need and are asking for. Our leaders keep making excuses about why we are not helping. So the dictator continues to destroy; he has total control over the media in Russia and is jailing journalists who dare to inform the people. Consequently the Russian people mostly are not even aware of what Putin and his army is actually doing. What are we waiting for? A technicality—we are waiting for a Russian missile to land in a Nato country. We are waiting for Putin to use chemical warfare.

My question is: How sane is it to wait for a crazed dictator to make things that much worse before we take action?