What is Meta-Coaching
The Meta-Coach System® provides the most cutting edge communication training available in the world today for Professional Coaches and any individual or organisation committed to rich relationships and success.
What is Neuro-Semantics
Neuro-Semantics began in 1996 as the brain-child of Michael Hall and Bobby Bodenhamer as we engaged in various and extensive conversations about Meta-States, NLP, and General Semantics.
What is SA
The unleashing process of self-actualizing is a journey inward that will take you through a thousand rabbit holes as you explore the depths and heights of your inner games bringing you to the outer world of performance.
Neuro-Semantics Creativity

Neuro-Semantics Meta-Coaching Self-Actualization

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London Neuro-Semantics Conference
Neurons: The Neuro-Semantics Weekly Newsletter
With weekly articles by Dr. Hall.
Neuro-Semantics Leadership

A capable Neuro-Semantics community starts with diverse Neuro-Semantics Leadership

Neuro-Semantics Quotes

“What a person can be, that person must be. A musician must make music, a poet must write, a person of intelligence must think and think deeply, a person of empathy must care for others. This need we call ‘self-actualization.’”