Master Your Matrix

Master Your Matrix
Become A Frame Game Master

If you’re sick and tired of the old frames and games that you’ve been playing and that others have been playing with you, then Frame Games offers you new, higher, and more magical games.

The field of NLP, along with the Cognitive Sciences, and most models for developing personal mastery, have long talked about our frames of mind. They highlight that there are better and healthier mental frames that would make life more fun and give us more success, health, and wealth. And these models have some rudimentary ways to actually create those new frames. Yet none of them even come close to the Frame Games Model and the transformations that you can experience and facilitate.

Frames grow up to become Frames-of-Mind which generate the particular Frame Worlds or Matrix that we then live in. Sick and Toxic Frames make for Dis-empowering Frame Games and a Matrix world of pain, limitation, frustration, self-sabotage. Healthy and Vital Frames make for the best kind of Frame Games– games that do a soul well and that invents a Matrix World that brings out our best and empowers us in mind, body, and soul.

  • Would you like to become a Game Master?
  • Would you like to learn how to Master your Matrix?
  • Would you love to play some new and empowering Frame Games?
  • Would you like to Develop the Power to do Frame Refusal?
  • Would you enjoy having the skill of setting & solidifying New Frame Games?

Let Me Introduce You To–

The Matrix
Your Invisible Frame World

  • Frames create a matrix that makes up a world or habitable universe. This applies to you and to your mind-emotion system. You live in a very private world wherein you experience your canopy of consciousness as a Matrix that you project onto the world.
  • When we enter into a frame and frames-of-frames, we enter into a world (a conceptual world) of concepts, ideas, understandings, rules, and “realities.” These frames then rule and dominate everything else inasmuch as they make up our constructed Model of the World, our Matrix.
  • We all live in The Matrix of our mind– the layers of states upon states and the gestalts that arise from these meta-state structures. When we frame and frame-our-frames, we create and enter into a Matrix of our own making. The Matrix then becomes our Assumed World and we become its servant … blind to it, unaware of it, engaged in unquestioning compliance to it.
  • In the game of Checkers, the frame of the board that we use and play upon initiates a habitable world. That world of Checkers is also full of rules and practices. And those who enter into that world and who learn to operate efficiently therein become Masters of that Game. And yet, the same board with different pieces (Chess Pieces) initiates an entirely different universe. It induces people into the World of Chess which involves yet other rules and practices.
  • The Matrix Universe of each Game gives to each participant the perceptions, anchored responses, and self-contained environment that makes the world inhabitable. And, people can get lost in those worlds.
  • So too with the personal Matrix which each of us inherit and create and then impose upon the world. The world that we see is a virtual reality, a world of our own making. We live in a Frame World. How’s yours? Is it a nice place to live?
  • While you can detect a framed world from the activities or elements that you see and experience at the primary level, the Matrix itself emerges from the frames that construct it. This explains why we can experience an activity in a number of ways.

    The caddy experiences golf as work, the golfer experiences it as play, and the owner of the golf course as business. The different interests, agendas, motivations set the intentionality frame about the activity. Each frame constrains the behavior, experience, states, and perceptions of the experiencer.

  • The Matrix is also Self-Perpetuating– Self-Organizing. Once constructed and commissioned, it has “a life of its own.” It begins with the frames that we use to punctuate events and activities. Then, in the process of framing, we set up classifications, categories, concepts, etc., the frames that create our Neuro-Semantic States. Then the frames become energized so that they operate systemically. This transforms them into self-organizing systems and the frames as attractors.
  • The Matrix that the frame creates initiates various Frame Dramas. By framing, we create various Dramas that make up the Games that are allowed and demanded by the Frame World. Chess and checkers generates very different game realms and dramas. Once we enter into the activity and become lodged within the realm, very different dramas unfold. Frames create drama. The specific nature of the frame determines the amount and kind of drama involved, the stories that we live.
  • The Matrix is Structured by the Frame Brackets. When we frame, we bracket. We establish the beginning and endings of things. We establish where a frame starts and stops. We establish what’s on each side of a frame boundary. Framing involves boundary markers or brackets which allow us to recognize the activities that are inside the frame and those that remain outside.

    Without the bracketing of a frame that establishes clear boundaries, we suffer from frame confusion. This initiates frame confusions and frame looseness.
    Then we ask, “What is this?”
    Eating: He who cleans his dinner plate can be seen as starved, polite, gluttonous, or frugal. Which is it? What is the meaning?
    The “edges” of our frames and maps gives rise to the looseness of our Frame World.

  • Frame Constraints. Frames organize meaning and involvement. In organizing meaning, frames structure the significance that we give to events and ideas. In organizing involvement, frames activate us. When we fully enter a frame, the frame prescribes our actions, feelings, and responses. This describes the self-organizing influence of a frame and how it mediates meaning.
  • “There’s slippage in them thar Frames!” When we move from one frame to another, there’s a “distance” between the frames. Some frames are very close to one another. Others even merge and overlap. Some are far apart. Some easily slip over into another frame. This creates Frame Slippage. Some allow no slippage at all. There’s also a degree of openness and closedness to frames. Some operate like mental traps, imprisoning everyone within.In terms of framing and frame structuring, the frame itself is neither fully “in” or “out” and yet partly inside and partly outside. This makes for the looseness of a frame.
  • When we enter the Matrix with Frame Awareness about the Matrix itself, we can begin to play with the very fabric of reality. Awareness of the Frame allows us to begin to bend the rules of that Frame World. Now we can push and pull and extend that Model of the World.In this, Frame Clarity endows us meta-power. When we understand the dramas, boundaries, rules and expectations that are generated by a frame, it enables us to understand our world.
  • The Ultimate meta-move for developing frame power and for becoming a Game Master lies in dis-identifying from the Matrix– from all of our frames and Meta-States. As we distinguish Map–and–Territory, we enter the Matrix enabled to play a higher and more powerful Frame Game. “It’s Just a Map… It’s just a Matrix.” Bringing this Transcendental Awareness to bear upon things allows us to set and play whatever Frame Game we want to inside of anybody else’s Matrix World.Figure 1:1

    From a reference to a frame-of-reference, frame of mind, and higher level frameworks, as a semantic class of life we frame and so we enter into frame games

    ________________________ FRAMEWORKS________________________

    __________________ Frames of Mind__________________

    ____________ Frames-of-Reference____________

    Thinking/Representing –> Events (initial experience)

    Person __

    There’s A New (and Higher ) Game in Town