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2017 New books

Creative Solutions. Unleashing Your Creativity

2016 New books

· Get Real! Unleashing Your Authenticity, Unleashing Your Authenticity To Become Your Best Self.
· the collaborative leader: The ultimate leadership challenge.
· Inside-Out Persuasion, Unleashing Your Authentic Powers of Influence.
· Powered By NLP,   Articles by NLP Leaders who attended the January 2016 NLP Leadership Summit

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New Books – Just Released

· Get Real! Unleashing Your Authenticity, (2016) Unleashing Your Authenticity To Become Your Best Self.
· the collaborative leader: The ultimate leadership challenge.


Meta-States Overview

Frame Game Books


The following are NLP Books, or to be more precise, Neuro-Semantic NLP books.



Neuro-Semantics, and NLP before it, are in the heritage of the Human Potential Movement. Key leaders in that movement that revolutionized the fields of therapy, psychology, self-development, leadership and management, business, developmental psychology, etc. were Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers —followed by Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir, and Gregory Bateson. All three of these people were part of Esalen —the central growth center of the Human Potential Movement, and were also the people modeled by Bandler and Grinder to create the NLP version of self-actualization.

Until recently this has been mostly unknown and unacknowledged. Yet the very presuppositions of NLP came from the basic premises of the Human Potential Movement. All of this becomes important as NLP and Neuro-Semantics is applied to the emerging field of Coaching. That’s because Coaching is uniquely founded upon Self-Actualization Psychology.

Meta-Coaching Series

I: Coaching Change, 2nd Edition
II: Coaching Conversations
III: Unleashed: A Guide to Your Ultimate Self-Actualization
Self-Actualization Psychology
V: Achieving Peak Performance
VI: Unleashing Leadership: Self-Actualizing Leaders and Companies
VII: The Crucible
VIII: Benchmarking
IX: Systemic Coaching: Coaching the Whole Person
X: Group and Team Coaching (New!)
XI: Executive Coaching- Facilitating Excellence in the C-Suite (New!)
XII: Political Coaching- Self-Actualizing Politics and Politicians (New!)
XIII: The Meta-Coaching System (New!)
XIV: Get Real! Unleashing Your Authenticity Just Released!
Inside-Out Persuasion
XV: Creative Solutions